DSTV Streaming Limitation

DSTV Clients are steaming after MultiChoice announced will limit concurrent streams on DStv’s online platform to one device from 22 March 2022, making it one of the only services in the world with such a crippling restriction.

They stated that password sharing and piracy are challenges for streaming providers globally, which is why it is implementing the crackdown.

So how would DStv’s single concurrent stream compare with similar services worldwide?

With DStv Premium’s sports offerings being one of the most attractive aspects of the service, we compared its pricing and streaming limitations to a few other international sports streaming services.

South Africans can subscribe to a DStv Premium streaming package for R699 per month — this is a special for new subscribers. After three months, the price is R829 per month as per normal. From 1 April 2022, this will increase to R839 monthly.

Other Service Providers

The most cost-effective international sports-streaming service is ESPN+, which allows three concurrent streams per account for $6.99 (R108) a month.

In comparison, the most expensive is from Hulu. Its live TV subscription allows for two concurrent streams on the base plan at $69.99 (R1,080) a month.

Hulu live TV subscribers have the option to get the unlimited screens addon, which pushes the monthly cost to $79.98 (R1,230) a month.

The UK-based sports-streaming service Sky Sports is available for £46 (R948) per month, and it allows six devices to stream on the same account simultaneously.

Other Services

Other international sports-streaming services include FuboTV and SlingTV, which cost $65 (R1,000) and $45 (R693) per month, respectively.

It is important to consider that these services are not officially available in South Africa.

While it may be possible to subscribe to these services through a VPN (like NordVPN) and a payment method with a US or UK billing address, circumventing geographic restrictions like this is considered “streaming piracy“.

Subscribing to a VPN will also add to the officially listed prices.

MultiChoice offers another streaming service that includes sports broadcasting, Showmax Pro, which costs R449 per month and allows two concurrent streams.

However, Showmax Pro’s sports offerings are limited in comparison to DStv.

Comparison Table Below

Sports-streaming services
Service Cost per month Concurrent streams
DStv Premium R699 1
Showmax Pro R449 2
Hulu Live TV R1,080 / R1,230 2 / Unlimited
ESPN+ R108 3
SlingTV R693 3
FuboTV R1,000 3
Sky TV Sports R948 6

DStv announced that it would be limiting streaming to one device at a time on Tuesday, 22 February 2022, effectively giving its subscribers one month’s notice of the change, which is scheduled to take effect from 22 March.

“We will not limit the number of people using a login, however, we are limiting the number of people who can stream at the same time,” MultiChoice explained.

All DStv packages across the continent will be affected by the change.

Following the announcement, DStv faced a backlash from South Africans — including calls for a boycott of its services.

Many of its subscribers also threatened to cancel their subscriptions when the changes kick in.


All though this seems as this is the end all for MultiChoice there are clients who do not mind the streaming service ending as they do not make use of DSTV streaming and also prefers to watch online movies from other websites and stream online series. For others its just a matter of searching for “Free TV”, “Free Streaming” and “Online Movies” within Google to find multiple websites that can give you what you want. But remember that this is piracy and it comes with a lot of drawbacks whereas DSTV offers these bouquets to simplify matters and create an overall tv experience for its clients.

So lets really think about this and not just put DSTV to the sword as there are definite pros and cons to this.




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