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DSTV Installation in Cape Town and surrounding areas

All DSTV Installations and DSTV Product Solutions

We are specialists in DSTV Installations, DSTV Repairs, DSTV Relocations, DSTV Upgrades, Wifi over DSTV Ultra, Arial Installations and fixing general decoder related problems. With over 15 years of experience, we guarantee only the best service delivery to our clients. We are DSTV installers in Cape Town, and surrounding areas. we offer services for Schools, Universities, Guest Houses, Hotels, Communes or Apartments. Get in touch with us, for a quote today!

Satellite Dish Installations

Get the best crystal clear HD/4K viewing. Our Satellite Dish Installation specialists in Western Cape Suburbs, are trained to position your satellite dish.

Proffessional TripleView Installations

You get to watch three separate DSTV channels. This setup is perfect for Guest Houses, or homes that have too many rooms. Get in touch with us today, to setup your DSTV TripleView Installations in the Western Cape at affordable rates.

Communal Dish Installations

This idyllic setup is suitable for communes, and prevents you from installing too many satellite dishes. Communal DStv Installations Cape Town Suburbs keeps your property looking good, and requires a Satellite King, to set you up.

DSTV Products

HD Extra/dual View

2x HD 4u decoders
standard 80 cm DSTV dish
standard wall mount bracket
15m cable
twin lnb
2 x DSTV remotes

HD 4u Full Installation

1X HD 4u decorder
standard 80 cm DSTV dish
standard wall mount bracket
10m cable
1 X DSTV remote

HD 4u Full Installation

1x DSTV Explora
1x Hd 4u
standard 80 cm DSTV dish
standard wall mount bracket
smart lnb
20 m cable
2x DSTV remotes

HD DSTV Explora Extra/dual View

2x DSTV Exploras
standard 80 cm DSTV dish
standard wall mount bracket
20 m cable
smart lnb
2 x DSTV remotes

HD DSTV Explora Full Installation

1x DSTV Explora
standard 80cm DSTV dish
standard wall mount bracket
DSTV installation to 1 point
15m cable
smart lnb
1 x DSTV remote


DSTV Explora Ultra

Standard installation on all DSTV Explora Ultra Decoders

DSTV A9 Remote Control


DSTV Smart LNB with 4 unicable and 2 universal outputs

OVI HD Full Installation

1X Ovi decorder
standard 80 cm dish
standard wall mount bracket
15m cable
Single lnb

CCTV Camera Installations

Whether it is a retail store, fuel station or restaurant, one of the biggest concerns is security. Get a CCTV Camera Installations specialist in all of Cape Town, Western Cape and secure your customers, equipment and for your peace of mind.

Fibre Over DSTV Installation

This service is compatible with Explora and single-view HD decoders, and users’ Explora decoders will be able to make use of Catch Up Plus and Showmax – as they are also connected to the Internet. We got you covered!

Video & Audio Installations

The technology that exists today is entertaining and exciting, but can be intimidating to many. We take the complexity out of connecting video and audio systems. Our qualified technicians deliver a true connected home experience.

Dstv signal problems

DSTV reception Problems

By using the services of an accredited DSTV installer, your decoder will be tuned into the correct DStv frequency. Our professional DSTV Installers in Cape Town suburbs will restore your signal strength, and get your picture up and running in no time.


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What Is An Accredited DSTV Installer in Western Cape?

A DSTV Installer is a professional technician that aims to install DSTV satellites, to make viewing as pleasurable as possible for their customers. Here at Satellite King, we specialize in DSTV Repairs, DSTV Upgrades, DSTV Relocations and DSTV Installations in Cape Town suburbs. When you need quality DSTV Installation services, look no further. We got you covered!

What is a DSTV Repair?

There are times when you will be looking forward to watching your favourite DSTV program or a big game on DSTV and when you go to switch the TV on, there is no picture! Instead of getting all stressed out, get in touch with your Cape Town DSTV Repair Specialists and we will find out where the issue is, and our technicians are available answer all your questions on site.

DSTV Relocations explained

When you are so stressed out and tired of packing, then you realize that your satellite dish is still hanging up outside and then you begin to wonder what to do next? How will I relocate my DSTV decoder? Look no further, we are your go to guys with DSTV relocations in Cape Town. With affordable rates in DSTV relocations Cape Town, we guarantee on the best service!

So, I want a DSTV Upgrade. Where do I start?

You have finally realized that you want to pause, rewind and record live TV, but your decoder just won’t let that happen. Don’t worry, our DSTV upgrade services in Cape Town is ready to help you. Our qualified technicians will get you up and running in no time.

I need to install CCTV Cameras

Whether you have a shop, a guest house, a practice, a commune or school. Security is a major concern, and taking steps toward ensuring your property is well taken care of should be your main priority. With affordable CCTV Installation services in Cape Town, we have quality equipment and certified technicians to do your CCTV installation in Western Cape. Get your peace of mind by getting in touch with us to do your CCTV Installation.

I want to mount my tv on the wall.

Why have your flat screen TV take up space on your floor when you can have it wall mounted and out of the way! With out TV wall mounting services in Cape Town, we guarantee the best services in TV wall mounting.

Specialists in DSTV reception problems

DSTV repairs in all of Cape Town areas!

DSTV offers you hundreds of the world’s best high-definition (HD) TV programmes, including kids, educational, wildlife, cooking, fashion, action and drama programmes. Sport, news, reality, popular series, religious programmes and the latest Box Office movies are also available
Get Internet connectivity and access DSTV Catch Up Plus anytime, anywhere
Go online remotely and set your system up to record shows you don’t want to miss
Use the extra-large drive to store up to 220 hours of live recording
Access content from DSTV Catch Up and Box Office movies at your convenience
Record an unlimited number of TV series
Let up to five people personalise their ‘favourite channels’ list
Enjoy advanced search options
Use the unique Explora remote for quick and easy functionality

Installations for Guest Houses, schools and hotels in Cape Town areas

Communal Installations

We offer apartment blocks, townhouse complexes and commercial businesses a range of services to ensure cost-effective and reliable TV, radio and satellite reception. We do installations for:
Guest Houses
Schools and Universities

Our technicians will install the correct aerial for your unique requirements and position it perfectly to maximize signal quality and strength. They will also advise you about extras, like amplifiers, power supplies and attenuates.

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